"If it’s family, you protect. Doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not."

   — Aveline (via dragon-age-quotes)


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Yes, she had been nervous, after all, she did like him. Not that she would say it to his face at this point in time. They did not know each other all that well, other then that one time before now. She didn’t want to seem like a fool in front of him.

She relaxed in the embrace of the water, biting her lip as she felt his arms slip around her waist, pulling her closer as his head moved into her neck, her own arms sliding around his shoulders. His words had her hum, shaking her head softly. 

"No, I don’t think so. I hope not… if I find out I was I’m gonna bash someone’s skull in." She growled slightly, but let out a breath as she rested her head against his, a hand moving up to run her fingers softly through his hair. It felt really nice to be in his arms again.

"Jeou are cute when feisty." The splice chuckled. He placed a kiss to her neck, then ran his lips along the woman’s jaw before planting another kiss to her lips. Merida’s fingers in his hair felt nice, and it gave him goosebumps.

"What would it care though? I would not mind being seen with such a lovely woman." The tenta continued. He then motioned with his head up to the base buildings, and shared a coy smile. "Jeou have friends there oui? Ze type to joke an pick fun at our little date? I could be loud an get zere attention if you’d like." He was teasing himself of course, but Esther wanted to see her reaction.





She set her bag down on the ground at her feet, far enough away that it hopefully wouldn’t get wet, listening to him speak. She pursed her lips, looking back towards the water. “I wouldn’t have bailed on ya… I’m not that kind of person. No matter how nervous I might have gotten…” She mumbled the last bit, though she was sure he heard it.

His invitation into the water had her move to kick off her shoes, before slowly peeling off her shirt and pants. Her swimmers were not all that interesting. She wore a simple blue and green bikini, adjusting herself slightly before she moved to sit at the edge, sliding her feet and legs into the water. It was a nice cool temperature, and it wasn’t long before she slid off the edge and into the liquid, ducking under, before coming up to break the surface with a soft breath.

"It really is nice."

She had been nervous? That was both relieving and cute. Esther waited patiently for Merida to come into the water. He heard her getting ready, and his excitement rose when he saw her legs drape over the ledge to dip her feet in. He loved legs, and hers were lovely.

Then As she slid into the water the tenta grinned, she didn’t seem shy at all about the water and when she surfaced he took in the sight of the scout. She was lovely, her slender freckled body fit her swimsuit nicely and complemented her form. God he loved freckles.

Esther embraced Merida, wrapping his arms about her center to pull her closer and nuzzle into the woman’s neck.

"Bonjour~ think jeou were followed?"

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"Still a woman mon ami?"


"No, thankfully." A sigh, an adjustment of his hat.
“…. Sorry, for not getting back to you when I was like that. Suppose I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.”

Aww. Terrible jokes and puns dashed away in a blink of an eye. Oh well.

"Ah mon ami jeou don’t need to worry about zat." The splice laughed. "I wasn’t even planning to touch jeou. But zat doesn’t matter now. Jeou are… back to normal now."

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