"Still a woman mon ami?"


"No, thankfully." A sigh, an adjustment of his hat.
“…. Sorry, for not getting back to you when I was like that. Suppose I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.”

Aww. Terrible jokes and puns dashed away in a blink of an eye. Oh well.

"Ah mon ami jeou don’t need to worry about zat." The splice laughed. "I wasn’t even planning to touch jeou. But zat doesn’t matter now. Jeou are… back to normal now."

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She watched as the glow seemed to dim ever-so-slightly, and then move towards her, making her take a small step back. She knew he wouldn’t do anything, but it was still somewhat intimidating. She watched and waited for him to surface, quiet, eyes trained on the top of the water. When he didn’t surface straight away she felt her stomach clench, biting her lip slightly, cheeks burning. This was a silly idea… it was all just a silly idea.

Though, his voice had her mind snap out of the sudden influx of negative thoughts, glancing back up from where her gaze had landed on the ground. She felt her heart jump into her throat, a hand moving up to play with her dog tags slightly.

"Well… I’d rather be early then show up late." That, and she had been eager to see him again.

He smiled. Even if the tenta couldn’t see the woman, her voice was enough to help the splice relax. Esther preferd the night- but that didn’t mean it withheld its dangers.

"I am in all honesty impressed jeou are." Impressed wasn’t exactly the right word. "Rather, surprised. If jeou had bailed on me I would have been upset." Upset wasn’t the right word either. But he wasn’t about to fix it.

"Jump into ze water, it is nice an cool dispite ze p previous hot day." He wanted to see her after all. What was Merida wearing? A bathing suit? Nothing? He would like nothing but bathing suits had their own appeal- also, it would have been smart of her too. Incase they were caught together.

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"Oh, yes! I know that part. Previously he rubbed it against me as a means of achieving sexual gratification— and I put it in my mouth once. He really liked that." 

Oh Ducky. You oblivious dumb dumb. 

"But we are both males, normally. How do humans copulate with each other then? How does the hardness of this ‘penis’ please a female?" 

His lack of knowledge was… Well cute. They had already gone over that however and no need to bring Ducky’s lack of knowledge on the matter to attention when it was already pretty obvious.

"Well, ze way men do it with women is different from men with men. Womens genitalia is located between her legs- however it leads inside of her zan outwards. She widened her legs an ze man presses his sex into hers an sat is how they mate. If ze man was soft instead of hard- He would not be able to slide in very well." It suddenly dawned on him how drastic of a turn his day had taken. Not that he minded. This was entertaining.

"I am not entirely certain on male on male sex. My species genitalia is a bit different zan humans but I believe zat my experience with a man is similar to anozzer mans if he would be receiving. So- since ze men do not have female genitalia, they instead insert the male genitalia into ze rear. It is a longer process, since it requires prepping but it feels just as fantastic."



She lifted herself up onto her knees to be a little closer to his height, allowing him to pull her closer before his nose trailing along her jaw had a gentle breath leave her lips, eyes closing slightly. They closed fully at the simple kiss he left on her lips, before he had pulled back and she moved to stand, still smiling as he spoke.

"Yeah, see you then."


The rest of the day and night was filled with her mind wandering more than usualy, and it had gotten to the point where Madi had even asked her if she was feeling alright. Of course she was, she was feeling amazing actually. Of course, any question the followed were ignore of blown off. As much as she loved Madi like a sister, the Sniper didn’t need to be all up in her business. Though, she had a feeling that it probably would not be all that hard to figure out. After all, she knew that Madi was kind of in the same boat… but on a different level. Not only that, but the looks that the Spy gave her from across the dining table, had the Scout stick her tongue out at her.

But now, it was about a quarter too, and she had started to walk to the spot. She had one of her bags, with a towel and a dry pair of clothes in case she got too cold after the swim. But at this moment, her body felt like it was on fire,from the buzzing, nervous butterflies in her stomach. She’d never felt this nervous. The only time she could ever think of feeling something this strong was when she had first flown over here to work for the industries. That had been a while ago now. 

She realized she was close, and shook those thoughts from her head, turning the corner to where the water met her gaze, seeing a pale glow from out in the water.


The tenta was almost thinking of bailing, and if not for Madi showing up early he might have. His behavior was ridiculous, but after hearing the familiar voice calling his name he froze.

The pulsating lights in his ‘legs’ died down to a calm beat as the tenta swam to the edge of the water and waited. He didn’t want to pop his head up- why? His horrible stupid nerves keeping the splice in the water and making him feel jittery. Finally he slapped himself then cleared his throat.

"I am here my sweet- jeou are early."

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